Canada is a diverse country that boasts a huge array of beautiful cities, many of which are both affordable and scenic options for the purpose of buying a house. The country’s housing market has remained strong for decades and while places like Vancouver and Toronto are still pretty expensive to own a home in, here we have listed out some other cities where you can buy a house without burning a hole in your pocket.

Windsor, the southernmost city in Canada, has an average home price of around 164,123 dollars. Because of its close proximity to Detroit and Michigan, the city has a long history in automobile manufacturing and thus, the automobile industry, along with the internet industries; casinos etc. employ a large number of people in the area. This, in turn, ensures high employment rates and the low housing rates that the city is known for.

High-income levels and housing rates as low as 162,928 dollars makes the seaside city of Charlotte town one of the best options for home buyers. With a population of just around 32000, the city has a small town and homely feel to it, with Government, healthcare, light manufacturing and education acting as the driving factors in its economy. Charlotte town’s beaches, running trails, fields and golf courses also make it a perfect vacation spot.

The city of Saint John or in fact anywhere in New Brunswick is a great choice to buy a house. With the local economy depended on shipbuilding, forestry, mining, information technology, tourism etc., the level of income is high, which in turn has played a role in housing rates being as low as 168,221 dollars. Saint John also boasts of many museums, theatres, breweries and art galleries and its strong Irish heritage compares with the likes of cities like New York and Boston.

Sydney boasts of some of the lowest housing prices in the country with the average cost of a house just around 98,338 dollars. While a slow economy makes it difficult to find high-quality work, beautiful and affordable cottages set by the ocean side, more than compensate for this.

Moncton is again, one of the most affordable places in Canada with housing rates as low as 198,650 dollars. Moncton is a transport hub and though it suffered due to the recent recession, it has re-emerged stronger and has low unemployment rates. Education and Healthcare are huge factors in the economy, as are call centres that employ thousands of people.

Fredericton is an educational and research hub that is home to the St Thomas University, University of Brunswick etc. The presence of such colleges and research centres provide a shield of protection to the local economy, resulting in a steady flow of income and housing prices as low as 156,000 dollars. Crime statistics, however, rank the city as third, which can act as a hindrance and prevent people from purchasing homes here, despite being cheap.

Apart from the six cities mentioned here, Canada also has many other cheap locations like Gatineau, Regina, Thunder Bay etc. that are also places that you can buy a house in without blowing up all your money in the process